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dtToolPoint Point

Activates the point feature type for data capture. Tap the map to create a new point feature at the tapped location into the edited layer then TopoLynx topoXplore proceeds to capture attributes according to the Settings > Record > New record: <selected option>. The point feature type remains active for data capture until another tool is activated. The Point button allows capture on the screen with the pen or mouse but not with incoming GPS coordinates.


Tap / Left click: captures point feature at the tapped location

Drag:  captures point feature at the tapped location using crosshairs

Tap and hold / Right click: displays the Context menu


Context menu



Opens the Insert Point panel. Only this option appears in the context menu when there is no vector feature layer on the Layer Manager or when the edited layer's file format is not MAP - TopoLynx


hmtoggle_plus1Context menu for MAP - TopoLynx layers






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