Insert Vertex

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Insert Vertex

dtToolAddVertex Insert

This tool is designed for quickly selecting a feature and then insert new vertices into the existing geometry. The Insert tool remains active for adding new vertices into a selected feature until another tool is activated.


Tap / Left click: selects feature on the map at the tapped location for vertex editing mode then you can insert new vertices among two vertices in the selected geometry

Drag / Left drag: moves the selected vertex using crosshairs

Tap and hold / Right click: opens the New Vertex panel or the Existing Vertex panel if you started the Tap and hold / Right click over existing vertex


Possible use cases

In case of point feature and MAP - TopoLynx vector layer format the new geometry will be a multipoint geometry

In case of line or polyline adds new vertices into the existing geometry

In case of polygon adds new vertices into the existing geometry


Inserting new vertex

InsertVertex InsertVertexResult


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