Vector layer formats

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Vector layer formats

Supported native vector layer formats (read & write)

TopoLynx (.MAP)

ESRI Shape (.SHP)

Zipped ESRI Shape (.ZIP)

Mapinfo Interchange (.MIF/MID)

Microstation (.DGN) - up to version 7

AutoDesk (.DXF)

GPS logfile (.LOG)

Coordinates (point) (.CRD)

Coordinates (shape) (.DAT)

Atlas GIS (.BNA)

Triangulated Irregular Network (.TIN)


UNICODE enabled file formats:


ESRI Shape with .CPG file

TopoLynx .MAP format (the Unicode data can be stored in the .TAB format)


Height (Z coordinate values) can be stored in the following file formats:

in TopoLynx Map, ESRI Shape and DXF file format the Height (Z coordinate) can be stored in all feature type