Status on the map view

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Status on the map view

GPS status information on the map view / estimated hRMS positional accuracy



210.6 - Current height

800600.17 - Current Easting coordinate

5271325.07 - Current Northing coordinate

12/27 - Number of used satellites of the current position


1.7P, R - PDOP value of the current position; R - Solution type of the current position


Solution types on the map view:


A - Autonomous solution

D - DGPS corrected solution

F - Floated RTK solution

R - Fixed RTK solution


Position accuracy on NMEA based GNSS receivers:

When the software connected to the receiver and the NMEA GST sentence is available on the device, the GPS status area displays two position accuracy values: the horizontal and the vertical accuracy of the current GNSS position.


hRMS=0.06m - horizontal root mean square positional accuracy

~hRMS - estimated hRMS positional accuracy displays based on vRMS = ~1.5 x hRMS when the value of the hRMS cannot be calculated by the NMEA GST sentence


vRMS=0.40m - vertical root mean square positional accuracy




Background colour of the status information:


Red: Indicates that the GPS/GNSS quality does not correspond to the used Quality settings on the Settings panel > GPS tab or fix position not available


Green: Indicates, that the current solution type is an autonomous solution


Blue: Indicates, that the current solution type is DGNSS solution

Yellow: Float RTK


Pink: Fix RTK