Projections and Datums

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Projections and Datums

This section discusses how TopoLynx topoXplore handles projections. TopoLynx topoXplore contains cc. 3130 projections and 12 projection types for field mapping, that can be customized easily in the Custom Projection panel or in the editable Grid.txt file, that can be found in the following directories:


Projection parameters file: Grid.txt



Desktop version:


Mobile version:



The projection setting is one of the most important parameter of the TopoLynx topoXplore mapping project, that you have to set up for every new map on the New map panel by tapping on the displayed name of the projection button.


Projection button: Shows the current projection. Tap on this button to open the Select projection panel to select an other projection.


 OK  - Creates the new empty mapping project.


More details about the New map dialog can be found in the Startup topic.


k-tip-iconThe selected projection can be changed on the Settings panel > GPS tab > Projection to empty mapping projects. The projection setting can be changed in existing mapping projects because TopoLynx topoXplore can reproject into another projection. Please use the Reprojection tool for this purpose.