Navigate and Stakeout

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Navigate and Stakeout

dtToolTargetNavigate and Stakeout

Activates the Target tool. The Target tool remains active until you deactivate it by tapping on the Target's position again.


Keyboard command: T


Tap / Left click: Sets the location you tap to be the current destination for navigation while the Navigate to Target tool is active. Displays the "Would You like to relocate the target position message box when the target is on the map.

Drag:  adds selection point to the map at the tapped location with crosshairs

Tap and hold / Right click: opens the Target context menu


Once the Navigate to Target tool became active TopoLynx topoXplore automatically connects to the GPS receiver.


Connecting to GPS



The Navigate to Target tool zooms to the extent of the GPS position and the target.


The autozoom functions depends on the Display mode setting:


Display position: Autozoom switched off

oFollow position: Moderate zooming

Tight following: Zooming to a tight view

Follow and rotate: Zooming to a tight view


The Navigate to Target tool can be combined with the GPS Status panel and you can see the following parameters of the navigation:


your current heading (blue arrow)

direction of the target (red line)

parameters of the navigation (with orange background)


The current direction (blue line) and the direction of the target (orange line) on the Skyplot



Relocating and deactivating the target's position:


Relocating: tap on a new position on the map view and select Yes in the appeared message box

Deactivation: tap on the target button on the screen to remove it from the map then select an other command


Relocating the Target's position to a new position

relocating_target_on_a_new_position   relocating_target


Deactivating the Target tool by tapping on the Target's position



Line stakeout

line_stakeout line_stakeout2


How to use the Navigate to target tool:


1. Navigate by waypoints (previously placed features in a vector layer) on the map view

2. Navigate by given coordinates

3. Navigate by data records: you can activate the Navigate to Target tool on the Record panel. Open the Record panel, select a record then select the Navigate by record option  in the menu. This option activates the Navigate to Target tool to the selected the record's geometry on the map view.


1. Navigate to Target by waypoints (added target at the tapping location on the map view)



k-tip-icon You can access to the Target panel by using the tap and hold technique or right click on the desktop.


2. Navigate to target by given geographical or projected coordinates

navigate_by_coordinates   navigate_by_coordinates-enter_coordinates