Select Features

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Select Features

dtToolAdvSelection Select Features

Opens the Selection settings panel with its default settings. The Selection settings panel can be dragged while any tool from the Select sub-menu is active.


Selection settings panel



Selection settings panel


Layer: Lists the selectable vector feature layers of the map view. Enables you to select the desired layer in which you can select features. Default layer is the top item in the list.






 Clear  - Clears the the current selection in the source layer


 Inverse  - Creates the inverse selection of the currently selected features in the source layer


 All  - Selects all features in the source layer


Select by layer... - Selects features in the source layer by using overlapping geometries in the selection layer of the map view.


Selecting features on the map



Context menu



Undoes the last edit made to a selection

Opens the New vertex panel

Opens the Modify panel

Activates the multiline feature type for data capture

Undoes all edit made to a feature

Selects the feature