Save project Pack

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Save project Pack

This panel accessible from the Save project panel when working with DMP - TopoLynx Map Pack map project file format. The Save project Pack dialog is used to save DMP- TopoLynx Map Pack files. You can access this dialog when


1.Select DMP file format on the Save project file dialog

2.Then tap [OK] button.


Select DMP file format



Save project Pack panel



Protection: Select one from the following options you want to apply in the DMP file


Available options:

No protection

Read only protection

Reading and printing


[  ] Save only filtered records: Only filtered attribute records will be saved

[  ] Save only visible records: Only visible features of the map view and their related attributes will be saved

[  ] Use UTF-8 encoding: It is recommended to use this option when the mapping project contains Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese ... characters among the attributes


Product ID(s): DMP can be protected by the software Product ID(s)

Device ID(s): DMP can be protected by the software's Device ID(s)

k-tip-iconMore than one Product ID and/or Device ID can be used on the Save project Pack panel to protect a DMP project file.

Protecting DMP file by Product ID and Device ID



Password: Enter any password to the password protection of the DMP file. You are prompted to enter this password whenever you open this DMP.


Enter DMP password



 OK  - Saves the DMP file


 Cancel  - Closes the Save project Pack dialog