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Our software products were developed for all professional GIS surveyors and also other users who want to measure and navigate on the field. Easy to use applications with topological functions, device independent configuration and much more...

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Cross-platform GIS software

topoXpress is an efficient GIS and Surveying application for Windows®, Android™, macOS® and iOS®. It supports offline field data collection and online data processing in the office. topoXpress provides an intuitive and responsive user interface, portable cloud access, fast thematic mapping, GNSS surveying, stakeout and CoGo functions, smart forms, calculated fields on all platforms.


Download and try our software!

Android version

Android verzió
Get it on Google Play

Please follow the instructions in Google Play in order to install the application. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Changelog

iOS version

iOS verzió
Download on the App Store

Please follow the instructions in Apple App Store in order to install the application.

iOS and App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.


Windows version

Windows installer
topoXpress Windows installer

  1. Double-click the downloaded installer.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Choose to run the program at the end of the installation process or run the software from your desktop.

macOS® version

macOS macOS installer
topoXpress macOS installer
(for macOS 10.8 and newer)

macOS is a trademark of Apple Inc.

  1. Double-click on the downloaded disk image in Finder.
  2. Drag the topoXpress icon to the right, into the Applications folder.
  3. After dragging into the Applications, the software can be launched from the Launchpad.

Windows portable

Windows portable
topoXpress Windows portable

  1. Unzip the downloaded installer.
  2. Double-click on "exe" which belongs to your Windows platform.

If needed, you can use this alternative link for downloading
(although without automatic updates)

On the following links you can download topoXpress's brochures and guides.

topoXpress User Manual - English [PDF]
topoXpress brochure - English [PDF]
topoXpress Frequently Asked Questions - English [PDF]
topoXpress macOS guide - English [PDF]
topoXpress iOS/iPadOS guide - English [PDF]
topoXpress Bluetooth GNSS connection guide on Windows 10 - English [PDF]
topoXpress - Leica DISTO® connection guide for iOS - English [PDF]


Mobile GIS data capture

topoXplore is a mobile application for location based data collection, surveying and mapping – with processing intelligence. It is equally suitable for GIS professionals and less trained staff and can be used as integral part of an enterprise-wide GIS infrastructure or stand-alone data capture tool. The software runs on Windows Mobile based devices and customers get a free desktop program for office use.

topoXplore offers users the following main benefits and unique features

  • Efficient and simple field data capture workflow
  • Automatization tools to maximize productivity and data quality
  • Fast map drawing algorithms to handle large amount of data
  • Built-in support for all coordinate systems and projections
  • More precise positioning by use of NTRIP, RTK corrections and post processing of raw data
  • Advanced topological features
  • Thematic mapping by descriptive data fields and code lists
  • New look and feel: redesigned user interface with more visible map content
  • High-resolution icons and scalable user interface for tablet users
  • Simplified toolbar with the most frequently used tools only
  • New Settings panel for easier access to each setting
  • Redesigned Survey and GNSS panel for faster fieldwork
  • Support of Web Feature Service (WFS) standard: ability to download and upload vector features from online services
  • Access online services (WMS, WFS, TMS, NTRIP) through proxy services
  • Enhanced WMS map caching for offline use
  • Improved navigation, stakeout and CoGo tools
  • Ability to set up different parallel NTRIP profiles and to switch between them
  • Vertices of vector objects can be displayed and this function can be turned on/off during field data collection
  • Audible signals indicating the type of GNSS solution


Download and try our software!

Mobile version

Mobile installer
topoXplore Mobile installer
(for SD cards)

  1. Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder on your PC.
  2. Copy the content of the folder to an empty SD card - we recommend to do this with a SD card reader, but you can copy it with the Windows Mobile Device Center.
  3. Insert your SD card into your GNSS receiver or PDA. The installation begins automatically - if not, please browse the SD card on your mobile device, search for the "2577" directory and launch "Autorun.exe".
  4. Start topoXplore from your home screen.

Desktop version

Desktop installer
topoXplore Desktop installer
(for Windows desktop OS)

  1. Double-click the downloaded installer.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Choose to run the program at the end of the installation process or run the software from your desktop.

On the following links you can download topoXplore's brochure, reference guides.

topoXplore brochure - English [PDF]
topoXplore Quick Reference Card - English [PDF]
topoXplore Reference Guide - English [PDF]
topoXplore Reference Guide Webhelp - English [HTML]
High accuracy GIS with topoXplore and Topcon HiPer SR - English [PDF]


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About us

Kornél Czimber Once upon a time, back in 1996, Mr. Kornél Czimber started to develop GIS algorithms and business logic. 20 years later, development of software products based on his research will continue in his new company. Each TopoLynx software product can be a link between your legacy GIS environment and fieldwork, this is the explanation for the company name.

The experienced and long-serving team of the company is committed to make the new company successful, by developing excellent software products along with flexibility to meet unique needs and a quick support.

You can count on the expertise of our team

Kornél Czimber

Kornél Czimber

managing director and mastermind of all software development projects

Szilvia Hestencz

Szilvia Hestencz

spirit of office management, administration, finance and HR

József Markócs

József Markócs

sales, marketing and relationship all-rounder

Miklós Nagy

Miklós Nagy

software developer and the Swiss army knife in forestry and remote sensing projects

David Tisch

Dávid Tisch

software developer and the grandfather of all PHP and web codes

Balazs Tóth

Balázs Tóth

standing out the storm of support requests, testing software and creating maps


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